TV Antennas

Got a problem with your antenna we can diagnose if it needs to be replaced, relocated or retuned.

Many antenna faults turn out  to be problems with cabling, old cable, poor connections, rodents eating through it,, many diferent problems we  can help sort out for you.

Where do you start, we normally start at the top and work down.   See our troubleshooting guide for more information..


Communications Antennas

    • Wireless  Wifi, 3G, Next G service.
    • Phone Telephone and ADSL Cabling service.
    • Data Computer cat5 / cat6 cabling indoor ant outdoor
  • Audio Visual

    AV Setup

    Setup of TV, STB, VCR, DVD, PVR, .
    Moving house or moving equipment, purchase of a new component , all of these things can mean you need help with cabling setup and using  your gear.  We can help you relocate it and connect it safely and show you how to use it. 

    Amplifier, Speaker, Surround.
    We can setup your Stereo or Surround sound amplifier and speakers for optimum performance.

    Full Home Theatre setup.
    Screen, Projector, Surround Sound , device integration we can provide the expertise to put it all together.