Satellite Installers

We have many years experience installing Satellite systems.  We won't compromise on the quality of our installations.

Satellite Systems

We provide services for both Domestic and Commercial Satellite TV systems.  We can supply and install dishes for both Ku Band and C Band reception systems ranging from 45cms to 5 mtrs.  

Fully Motorised Satellite Systems

X Band Satellite

Commercial C band and KU band systems

For commercial TV and radio  reception

C Band Satellite

Domestic C Band Systems

Heavy duty C Band dishes used for European , Middle Eastern and Asian satellite  TV reception.  We can provide fixed or motorised  systems depending on your requirements.

We provide high quality components and with heavy duty mesh and solid dishes with the best quality  LNB's and receivers.  There are many cheap imitations out there but we provide the best.

KU Band Satellite Systems

KU Band Satellite

KU band systems

We can provide KU band systems for the following
For Christian TV
For Multicultural TV
For VAST - Freeview Digital

This is not one of our installers!! :)  But If you have his number we want to hire him!!