Microwave, Wifi, 3G , Next G Antennas 

On top of Rialto towers or in your home office we can provide a Wireless Data connection to meet your needs.

WIFI Antennas

We can provide Wifi Antennas and connections to suit your situation

We have lots of experience installing commercial microwave and WIFI antennas.  We use the highest Quality LMR400 cabling and connections to provide the best signal possible between antenna and radio. 

Need your computer network extended across a building or across the street  or across a suburb we can assist with the right solution for you..

3G / NextG

3G voice and data.  Need a better signal for your wireless internet connection 

Need a better signal for your wireless Internet connection.  Running too slow or too far away and obstructed from a phone tower, we can provide an antenna solution that will improve your signal an therefore you link throughput.  We use top quality 3G Antennas and LMR200/400 cabling  to connect them to you devices.

Cat 5, Cat 6, Fibre Optic,  Network Connections

Need a computer in another room, WIFI not working, need fast speed between two computers, we can hardwire a computer network point for you.  With the advent of Media Centres we can connect your TV and  Media centre up to your network, router.   Need some help getting it all up and running we can do that too!