We have many years experience  troubleshooting problems with digital networks, including Digital TV and Satellite Systems.  Here's a quick guide that may help you before you call us.

DIY Troubleshooting Guide

So you've bought your new digital tv and you're getting broken picture, blocking, pixelation, sound dropping out, our can't tune the channels.  Here's a few things to try before you call us.  

Pixelation after tuning the  TV

There's many reasons that can be causing pixelation  :-

Normally it's not enough clean signal getting to the TV tuner for the tuner to keep an adequate lock on the signal and provide error free viewing.  The most common cause of this is old or poorly installed  antennas and cabling. 

Things you can do to make a difference

Install a new Quad shielded Flylead, the cable from the wall point to the TV is generally very poor quality and causes many problems.   Don't join two cables to make a longer one , you'll lose signal.

Check the wall socket if it is loose or the cable doesn't sit properly it needs to be replaced. 

Bypass and old analogue devices like Video Cassette recorders (VCR's) as the can interfere with the digital signal.

Tuning of Channels

TV Tuning

Most digital TV's and Set Top Boxes will automatically tune themselves when first turned on.   This can be a problem if you get reception from one of the TV Translator around the place. In Melbourne our main transmitter is a Mount Dandenong, and we have small translator transmitters at South Yarra, Upwey, Selby, Ferntree Gully, Safety Breach, Marysville, Rosebud and Warburton.  

When your TV auto tunes if it picks up a signal from MT Dandenong first it will allocate the channels to that rather an to the translator.  This can mean you end up with multiple entries for the one channel or it can mean you have unreliable reception due to the fact your antenna is designed for and  pointed to the other transmitter.  IF this is the case you normally need to remove the existing channels and manually retune the channels for the correct transmitter.  The Mount Dandenong Channels are on RF Channels 6,8, 11,12,29,32 whilst the translator channels are on either 51,54,57,60,63,65 or 41,44,47, 50,54 depending on which translator.

Can't get it to work give us a call and we can help you out, 9719-7589