About Freeview


Freeview is the free digital television service in Australia. It comprises all the channels from Australia’s free-to-view broadcasters, including the ABC, SBS, Seven Network, Nine Network, Network Ten, PRIME7, WIN Television and Southern Cross Television..

Freeview Digital Antenna Systems

Freeview Digital TV Still Requires an Antenna.

In some cases your existing antenna can be used for digital TV.  There are many  antenna systems that are very old and inadequate for digital.  If your antenna is more than 10 years old it's very likely you will need some work on your antenna or cabling to bring it up to standard.   Some people say there's no such thing as a digital antenna, they're usually the ones selling substandard antennas.  A Digital Antenna is one designed specifically for the digital channels you are trying to pickup.  In Melbourne that means an antenna designed to pickup Band3 and Band 4 ie channels 6-12 and 21-35.  Any antenna designed for Analogue (Channel 1-5a ) and FM will be more prone to pickup of electrical interference and is not ideal for digital.

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VAST Satellite TV

Freeview via satellite - Viewer Access Satellite TV (VAST).

For country viewers or blackspot areas with no or poor digital coverage there is a new free to air Satellite TV services called VAST.  This is a replacement for the old Optus Aurora service.  If you are an existing Aurora user or are in a poor coverage  area you maybe eligible for the VAST satellite service. Feel free to call us to discuss tis option or to see if you are immediately eligible you can checkout www.mysattv.com.au.

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Solving Your Reception Problems

So you've bought a new Digital TV and am having problems.  See our troubleshooting guide  or give us a call to arrange  a service call  so we can checkout your reception and  provide you with some advice on the best solution for you problem.