We have many years experience installing, servicing and upgrading  MATV systems in and around Melbourne and Victoria

MATV - Master Antenna Television Systems

We provide services for both Domestic and Commercial MATV systems.  These are normally in multi residential units, apartments, offices,  hotels, flats, retirement villages and universities. Usually these types of installations require commercial grade MATV digital antenna, a headend for channel processing and amplification, a distribution network of cabling, taps and distribution amplifier systems engineered for the specific situation.  Additional inhouse channels can also be added, as well as satellite TV and messaging systems.  

Commercial Headends

MATV Headend

Commercial MATV Headends

We provide the latest in Headend equipment for Digital TV.  These include Channel Processors, Digital Controllers, Modulators and Transmodulators.  We can include Digital Modulators to output inhouse channels in COFDM digital.

Simple MATV Design

A typical  MATV System

Using a combination of bus and  trunk topography is a typical MATV system.

We provide high quality components and with ensure the system is designed an d implemented to be balanced throughout

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Many MATV systems are quite old and need to be replaced for digital TV.  Don't wait for Analogue Tv to be switched off before you think about upgrading your MATV system, choose a provider with a track record of delivering the best and most effective solution for the job.

Our Installations are designed to conform to Australian Standard 1367:2007 and the Australian Building Codes Board guidelines.