Insurance Work

We have many years experience in quickly responding to damaged antennas and satellite systems.  We can make safe a situation, assess the requirements and provide electronic quotes quickly to get you back up and running again.  

We won't compromise on the quality of our installations. And only use top quality materials in any repairs we do.

Hail, Wind, Lightning damage we fix it all 

If you're unfortunate enough to be hit by a natural disaster that has affected your home we can take care of all your 

TV, Phone and  Data needs.

Hail Damage

hail damage

Satellite Dish Antennas are particularly susceptable to hail damage.  In many cases the mesh is badly dented and sometimes totally shredded.   

More often than not the mesh panels for a particular dish aren't available and the whole dish needs to be replaced. 

Wind Damage

Wind damage

Antennas out in the weather are susceptable to wind damage.

Wind and the long term affects of weather will affect the integrity of your antenna.  Strong wind and hail can damage you antenna and its mounitng.

Trees nearby an antenna can cause major damage to an antenna even if they don't look close in high winds trees can beat an antenna to pieces.

Lightning Damage

Computer Data Points

Lightning will damage, Antennas, cabling and anything else in it's path.

Cabling from you antenna can sustain damage from a direct or indirect lightning strike.  Cabling will often look ok but can be vapourised inside the sheath and will often need to be replaced throught the whole system.