Test Equipment

Using the latest equipment ot acheive the best result for our customers


    For Your Digital Vision

    Digital Field Strength Test Meter

    A vital tool for the installation or diagnosis of your antenna system.  These a more than just spectrum analysers.  They allow us to measure each individual digital channel , looking at Digital Channel Power, Signal to noise, Channel Bit Error Ratio (cBER), Post Viterbi Bit Error Ratio (PvBER), Modulation Error Ratio (MER).  All these things allow us to ensure we get the best possible signal from you antenna and into your Digital TV or Set Top Box.

    If your antenna installer doesn't have one of these and knows how to use it they might as well use a compass and black and white TV!!!!!!

    Cable Test tools 

    With the right tools, locating and testing cables  makes our job easier and a better result for you.

      We also use many signal  test tools and different RF receivers for testing in different situations different