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We are Proudly insured by CGU.
We don't ever expect anything to go wrong but just in case  we have $10 million liability insurance with CGU insurance.

Australian Government Approved

We are approved by the Australian Government for Residential, Commercial and Satellite Installers.

This Government Scheme certifies that we are equipped to provide you with digital TV Antenna services.  

To gain this endorsement you need 


If you can't get an installer that meets this minimum criteria then you could be making a big mistake when the TV picture starts to pixelate and break up! Or water starts leaking in from a poorly installed antenna.

ACMA Registration

We are fully Trained and Registered Cablers .

By Law any cabling for Telephone or Data needs to be done by a Registered Cabler to the Australian Standard.  Don't risk your safety by using an unregistered cabler.    read more

Worksafe CIC Card

  All our people have completed Worksafe CIC .

  Enabling us to work on Construction sites around Victoria