TV in Hurstbridge

We have many years experience installing, servicing and upgrading  TV systems in and around Hurstbridge and all over Melbourne and Victoria

TV Reception in Hurstbridge

The geography in Hurstbridge and surrounds  is Challenging to receive good TV reception with many blackspots causing problems.  There is usually only one  choice of TV transmitter which provides us some issues sometimes in getting the best signal depending on what is around you.  The TV signal is affected by buildings, trees and hills.  It can also suffer from interference from Electrical devices as well as Train and power  lines.

Having the right antenna for the job is extremely important in an area like Hurstbridge.  The wrong antenna can mean you get a poor signal or pick up more interference.  Good Quality well shielded cables and connections can make a huge difference in a problem reception area too.  There is also a satellite service call VAST which is designed for blackspot areas like Hurstbridge and surrounds. .  Below are some examples of Antenna installations we have completed with happy customers in Hurstbridge.

TV Antennas in Hurstbridge

Hurstbridge TV Antenna

Log Periodic Antenna

This Antenna in Hurstbridge going to the Mount Dandenong Transmitter.

Satellite Antenna In Hurstbridge for VAST

VAST Satellite dish Antenna

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